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Abiotic Oil Makes More Sense Than Dinosaur Oil

With the current panic stricken, foaming at the mouth, global warming, going green, oil-hating going on these days, I really have to laugh in between the crying spells... but I look at things a little differently.

Remember when they (scientists) told us oil came from dinosaurs?
They were dead serious at the time... but now of course that is just silly stuff never intended to be taken as fact. Dinosaurs... lol. Now we all know that oil comes from decayed vegetative material like zooplankton and algae that oozed down through miles and miles of rock and pooled up into giant lakes of oil.

Trouble is... they (scientists) are finding oil in places where organic material doesn't exist and computer models show that there has not been sufficient vegetative material to decompose into the volume of oil that exists.... not even counting the oil yet undiscovered.

I have always found the idea that crude oil could come from organic material not quite credible since that fact cannot be reproduced in the lab... all you get is animal fat or vegetable oil... not petroleum.

So I have posted on this before, but new information continues to support the idea that oil is a natural bi-product of the earths core activity which continues to be produced and is NOT from dead plants... or dinosaurs... or unicorns.
From Free Energy News

"Abiotic Oil"

Addressing the theory in circulation that oil is not solely of organic origin, but that there may be another mode of origin as well from deeper in the crust, involving magma.

  • Oil being discovered at 30,000 feet, far below the 18,000 feet where organic matter is no longer found.
  • Wells pumped dry later replenished.
  • Volume of oil pumped thus far not accountable from organic material alone according to present models.
  • In Situ production of methane under the conditions that exist in the Earth's upper mantle. (PhysicsWeb; Sept. 14, 2004)

  • Confessions of an “ex” Peak Oil Believer - F William Engdahl says Peak Oil is not our problem. Politics is. Big Oil wants to sustain high oil prices. Reviews the discovery of abiotic oil. (; September 14, 2007)
  • Stalin and Abiotic Oil - Or How Ruppert's 'Peak Oil' Pile is Gaining Tonnage; by Dave McGowan (Educate Yourself; March 5, 2005)
  • Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Scam - In 1970 the Russians started drilling Kola SG-3, an exploration well which finally reached a staggering world record depth of 40,230 feet. Since then, Russian oil majors including Yukos have quietly drilled more than 310 successful super-deep oil wells, and put them into production. Last Year Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest single oil producer, and is now set to completely dominate global oil production and sales for the next century.
  • 'Oil Shock' Looming - What are the Alternatives? - "My conclusion is that there is much about oil (and natural gas) that we have not been told, including how much of the stuff is available, and how it continually develops, even to this day." At the end of the article is a list of sites and articles on peak oil, but the interesting part is a second list of the contrary view -- could oil reserves be virtually unlimited? (by Sepp Hasslberger, NEC; 2004)
  • Article > Sustainable Oil? - presents theory and evidence that oil is not solely of organic origin. (; July 10, 2004) a reprint of Sustainable Oil (WorldNetDaily; May 25, 2004)
  • Data >In situ Production of Inorganic-Derived Petroleum - Scientists in the US have witnessed the production of methane under the conditions that exist in the Earth's upper mantle for the first time. The experiments demonstrate that hydrocarbons could be formed inside the Earth via simple inorganic reactions -- and not just from the decomposition of living organisms as conventionally assumed -- and might therefore be more plentiful than previously thought. (PhysicsWeb; Sept. 14, 2004)
  • Peak Oil: Can 3D Exploration Postpone The Peak? - Ability to find reserves more readily may postpone the "peak" phenomenon; general discussion of "peak oil" factors. (MSNBC; Sept. 23, 2004) (Alt Energy Blog)
  • Follow-up > More Evidence For Sustainable Oil - (; July 10, 2004)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You lost me in the second paragraph. Oil is not found in giant lakes. It is contained within porous rock. Obviously, you've not spent anytime around the oil field or you would know better and your wasting your time with the abiotic oil theory.

The joke is on you.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I'm sorry you got "lost" so easily... maybe it's from all that time you spent out in the "oil field". (Oil doesn't grow in fields)

3:01 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Always one to help the mislead... here you go. Study up, I hope it's not to complicated for you.

From How Things on a very elementary level for you.

"What is "oil"? Oil is a gooey, slippery black fluid that comes out of the ground. Sometimes it's close to the surface and actually bubbles out of the ground. Other times it lies in giant lakes buried miles underground. Normally what you do to get it out of the ground is drill a hole maybe a foot in diameter down to the lake of oil. Then you line the hole with a big pipe. And then you start pumping the oil out of the ground. One of these underground lakes might hold millions or billions of gallons of oil.

How did the lake of oil get there? Imagine an ocean 300 million years ago. This ocean is filled with tiny plants and animals like plankton and diatoms. Over millions of years the plants and animals reproduce, die and sink to the bottom of the ocean. Later, all these dead plankton bodies are covered in sand and clay. These bodies, like all living things, contain lots of carbon and hydrogen atoms. It takes millions of years and incredible heat and pressure, but these thick layers of dead bodies eventually transform into lakes of underground oil. Many of these lakes of oil are found underneath our current oceans. Others are found on land, where oceans used to be millions of years ago."

3:07 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Perhaps now you can get past semantics and move into learning new things.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you are an idiot.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are an idiot

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are talking about how stupid you are over here:

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ou won’t get an argument out of me concerning the origins of oil forming from the cooling of the earths crust. However…

Knowing that the earths crust is anywhere’s from 2 to 50 miles thick, the pools of oil trapped within this crust are trapped and not added to. To believe that it isn’t is to believe that pools will continue to produce forever. People who are educated know such a belief as that to be patently false.

Horizontal drilling of old vertical wells has created an opportunity for old pools to be almost fully tapped out. The technology of horizontal drilling has been out for what, a decade now, 12 years? It has become the mainstay for the majority of all new wells drilled for obvious reasons and its tech has likely delayed the sharp peak on Hubbard’s peak oil to more of a sustained plateau. For what I’m guessing to be a decade, maybe 15 years tops. Add the full development of Canada’s tarsands which isn’t far away as well as off shore drilling and tapping out Africa, Antartica and Greenland, and this world has bought another 20 years of oil consumption at current rates (averaging between 80 to 90… maybe 95 max million BOE’s per day).

If humanity hasn’t transitioned the oil age to the renewable energy (geothermal, solar, wind, ocean tides) and energy storage age by 30 to 40% to offset a steep oil production decline by that time (my guess is 2 decades max), this planet is highly likely to experience chronic energy/food shortages, economic chaos and plausible world war.

In other words, the falsehoods on your link are quite dangerous if actually believed even by a few never mind en masse and on those grounds, I’d really, really like it if it was the last time I have to read something like that again on this site.

Nothing personal.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article.
Some of the points are clearly something to ponder.
I realize some folks are stuck in whatever their science gurus tell them to think and believe, but this abiotic oil theory seems very much plausible given many of the details.

its too bad this page has to be ruined by a couple assholes.

11:58 PM  

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