Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Real Face of the Democrat(ic) Party

After looking at some of the descriptions of Stuart Smalley aka Al Franken in the post below, I have come to realize that Stuart Smalley is the ultimate "poster child" for the Democrat party in virtually every way.

Smalley IS the Democrat party in caricature.

From Wikipedia-
Stuart Smalley is ...
"obsessed with twelve-step programs and addicted to the actual act of going to therapy for addiction. Stuart is a member of many (sometimes fictional) twelve-step groups, including Overeaters Anonymous, Children of Alcoholic Parents Anonymous, and Children of Rageaholic Parents Anonymous. He is an effeminate man with a perfectly coiffed bleached-blonde hairdo, who regularly wears a yellow button down shirt with a powder blue cardigan."
Sounds like a good Democrat so far... wimpy and insecure.

"It is frequently hinted that Stuart may be gay, but his sexual orientation is never clearly stated. All his romantic partners have names which could be male or female, like Dale, Chris, or Merle."
(Or Barney Frank?)

Below is the real clincher as to exactly why Stuart is the ultimate icon and true face for the Democratic) party.

"Stuart is quick to point out that he is not a trained therapist. However, he does his misguided best to help his on-air guests (very often celebrities) to work out what he wrongly perceives to be their problems. In fact, Smalley often projects his own problems onto others; thus he will attempt to solve an issue that is not really there. (For example, in what many believe may have been the most amusing Smalley skit, he tried to help Michael Jordan resolve nonexistent doubts about his basketball-playing ability."

"In a couple of the later sketches the idea was reversed, where the guest appeared to be on top of the world and self-assured, but Stuart would unknowingly make a comment that would shatter the guest's aura of invincibility, such as Stuart innocently asking Charles Barkley that he must be glad at winning so many world championships. At the time of the episode's airing, the Phoenix Suns had recently failed to win the 1993 NBA Finals, which suddenly causes Barkley to break down in tears and admit he feels he is a big failure in life, to which Stuart is the one to comfort and reassure him."

As we see with the Democrat party always attempting "to solve an issue that is not really there" like the phoney claims of civil war in Iraq as a reason to cut and run, the current global warming hoax and the carbon tax increase, or the phoney health-care crisis to implement Socialized medicine, or the housing market crisis created and used by Democrats Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Barack Obama who all received huge donations from Freddie Mae and Barney Frank deals... to the Auto industry takover and on and on they go.

"Projecting their own misguided perception of a non existent problem on others and attempting to solve an issue that isn't really there".

Isn't that the official motto of the Democrat(ic) Party?


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