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Iraq 2007:Then and Now, "You've Come A Long Way Baby"

I found this (link) post from 2007 and thought it is truly remarkable how far Iraq has come in just 2 years.

Watch both the videos of Ron Paul vs Duncan Hunter and Dennis Kucinich vs Duncan Hunter on the subject of the Iraq war and ask yourself now looking back who was 100% correct and who was dead wrong.

Had America pulled out and cut n run as Democrats (and Ron Paul) wanted, there is no question Iraqis would have suffered greatly, America would have lost the war and Al Qaeda would be running Iraq and in a position to attack Israel and/or the US in the near future.

Instead, George W Bush stood strong and stood firm... and US forces are leaving Iraq because the Iraqi forces have stood up with Americans against tyranny just like Duncan Hunter (and George W Bush) said they would.

God bless America.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Prior to the Iraq war our church provided food, clothing, etc to actual Christian groups inside Iraq.

Prior to the IRaq war the people of Iraq had running water and an infrastructure to depend upon. The people of Iraq also had economic conditions which provided jobs, etc.

Six months after the war in Iraq began some of our memebers returned to Iraq to assit. The same people we supported told us horror stories of US trucks running down women and children under a do not stop order. They had no running water and those who didn't die suffer from mass disease. The red cross states over 3.6 million fleed to the mountains.

According to the Red Cross over 1.5 million are dead and over 70% of th e total are women and children. The blood we lost is unknown due to the way the gov accounts death in combat. Last report suggests over 4,000 US soldiers are now dead who fought in a war which was never approved by congress as our founders required.

May I remind you that Geroge W. Bush stated clearly before the American people that Iraq was tied to 9-11. He later claimed Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11.

George W. Bush, also claimed he would look into every possible way to avoid bloodshed and would consider every option. Later, we found out Saddam asked to be sent to another nation along with lots of cash in exchage he would turn over the keys to the city.

Inspite of what you prefer to belive the Iraqi people have never really embraced our occupation but rather want us to leave. I know this to be true due to lots of information from within Iraq.

As a republican may I suggest we return to the founders wishes and defend our own nation. Iraq never had any way to harm the US. No WMD were ever found and that is according to the CIA's own report and Internation reports as well.

George W. Bush lied to me and you and to the people of every political party. You may want to google the "Dowing Street Memos" which was leaked by a white house staff member and it clearly showed "W" wanted to begin a war with Iraq by use of "Terror" or more common to be refered to as false flag terrer attacks.

Had we never entered the war with Iraq we would have never lost over 4,000 of our own men.

Further, you may want to ask your self. "What form of Gov do the people of Iraq have now?

I would be happy to debate Duncan Hunter on information that he never brought to the American peoples attention.

As far as Paul and Kucinich. I don't care too much for Kucinich but I repect the man for one major reason. His actions to Impeach "George W. Bush" was one I supported but it Impeachment of "W" should have been done by those of us who are republicans and if action was taken we Obama would have never been elected.

Ron Paul? I supported him during the primary and I hope to god he will run again as president. Paul, would have never lied to the American people to start a war with a nation who was not a treat to us... W sure did!

With respect lets return to our founders wishes and all live a better life then ever before.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

ahhh the anonymous ronbot appears!

Your comments are so out of touch with reality that it is difficult to respond... which was your intention I'm sure.

However you have demonstrated why people should never trust Ron Paul or a ronbot with our safety or the medicine cabinet. (wink wink)

Ron and Dennis are joined at the hip... about the only thing they disagree on is abortion. They were both dead-ass backward wrong about Iraq as we can plainly see right now.

But please continue telling the Iraqis how great they had it before they hung the guy (after a fair trial) who was terrorizing them for decades.

Keep telling yourself Iraq is Vietnam over and over and over and see if it comes true... but then again, you probably don't admit we actually sent a man to the moon yet either.

Here is a newsflash for you on Iraq. They are free and we are leaving.
They are building a disneyland type amusement park to attract tourists, they have better electricity, water and other utilities now than ever before in their history, they have a free press for the first time in their history, women are voting, the Iraqi Army is controlling the country and US troops are leaving exactly as promised by that mean old liar George W Bush.

While you are looking for things to debate... how about asking Ron Paul about his racist comments made in his newsletter a few years ago, or even better... ask him about the porkbarrel money he has scammed taxpayers for... that should take a while.

Then get back to me... by all means.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your site offers an "Anonymous" post and you have the power and abitlty to change who posts and end your anonymous post.

I posted eailer and I'm not at all shy about who I am. But, I doubt your last name is "tater."

You call yourself a Christian yet you list your astrological sign?

I'm not to far away from Liberty University and have often spoke at pro christian schools across the nation. I have tried my best to awaken Christians to the idea of true liberty and freedom but I'm sorry to say Most Christians only take action unless James Dobson speaks.

You should visit Iraq. See for yoruself the statements I presented are based on fact.

Christ would have never supported the lies of George W. Bush, John MCain, or Barak Obama. He sure would have never asked Christians to support the "Lessor of two evils."

I'm sorry you feel George W. Bush was the saviour of the GOP but he wasn't.

May I suggest you read the founders wishes and show me anywhere in the documents that supports the insane intervention of Iraq? Show me? Where is it?

Did you pull the data and find for yourself that W stated clearly Iraq had nothning to do with 9-11?

As far as Ron Paul. Every time Ron runs for office your old bag of bull is pulled to ask him about his racist comments. I can only refer you to what Ron has said over and over? you may want to ask why Ron obtains the one of the highest votes from Blacks of any GOP member of congress. As far as Pork. Maybe you should read Ron's reply and learn a few points.

If your name is Red then it's nice to meet you. I think to improve the cause of liberty we should with respect consider each others replies and study the points presented.

The fast is if it wasn't for Ron Pauls run we would never be this close to end the Federal Reserve and if you really are a true republican you have got to like that. In fact nearly 80% of the people agree with Ron Paul.

Red, do you understand economic policy? Though I'm younger then you and if you have a family as I do. We would want our childrens children to live with economic liberty. Consider this, if you and I stop giving a tith to the local church then how soon if others followed would the chuch have to close it's doors? However, if we understand free markets and economic liberty we will always support proper members of gov.

May I invite you to visit this link:

Red, have a nice afternoon.... I'll check this post section on Monday for your reply.

Have a nice weekend.

Darel, Roanoke, Va.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Yes... anon, you have the right to post as anonymously and I have the right to make fun of you for it... see how fair and balanced that worked out for us?

I never said dubyah was the "saviour of the GOP" I think you must be confusing our current Saviour... The One.. you know, the One the same religious group that supported Ron Paul voted for.

If you took the time to read my blog you would know that I disagreed with dubyah on a few things. Some rather strongly.

However, I didn't disagree for mere blind political partisanship which is what I'm hearing from you.

Here is our problem anony... you won't believe the facts regarding how things turned out in Iraq and I won't believe the Vietnam fairy tale horror story you keep wanting to pretend Iraq turned into... FLASH there was no civil war, Al Qaeda was in Iraq, there were links between Saddam and AQI, the surge worked, we won and the drawdown is underway.

Move on.

As far as Ron Paul goes... I have only commented on him since his Presidential bid... I have not commented on any of his other campaigns... but one thing is for sure, IF (note big IF) if you care about the truth and facts... there is more than enough to keep you busy condemning Ron Paul... George Bush is not running for anything so you can stop campaigning against him.

see you soon,

9:51 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I suggest you start here in your research on Truthiness and Ron Paul

10:34 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Or you can just go HERE and save some time.

10:36 PM  
Blogger Producer said...

Dear Red S Tater. You have been drinking the cool-aid. I thank God that there are Anonymous's out there with the truth. The truth will ultimately win out as evil always loses.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

lol, that's exactly what I'm counting on there Prod... unfortunately the bad news is that you and anony are on the wrong side of that deal... but there is at least "hope" for ya'.

8:13 PM  

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