Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2007 Moonbat Blogger Update- VOTE !

ith about 4 weeks left to vote in the
2007 Worst Blog In Oklahoma Award, we have a close race for the bottom of the barrel.

Okie Funk- DocHoc has lead the way errr scraped the bottom since the first votes started rolling in. He is well known here in Oklahoma for his severe chronic acute case of Bush Derangement Disorder and his efforts to spread the disease to students at UCO like some kind of liberal blogging computer virus by osmosis. Fearing the worst and losing among losers, Doc Hoc (Kurt) has turned up the moonbat meter with his latest posts claiming that opposing Islamic Fascism is racist and that Baptists are the racist terrorists. If these two posts don't send Okie Funk to the Outback...nothing will. Nice work doc, you've really outdone yourself with these two steaming piles of hate.

Mahatma X Files - (formerly the left end of the road) Dr. Jhimmi is certainly trying to keep pace with Okie Funk and had the vote tied at 10 each a few days ago with a flurry of posts each one full of hatred and falsehoods, but so far has lacked that certain flair... that "over the top moonbat moment" needed to climb under the Septic Tank Outback. Here he defends his dead body counter at the top of his page... 1.1million Dead Iraqis
The 1million dead claims have been thoroughly debunked here and at Back Talk Blogs, but all it takes is a simple calculator and about 5 minutes. Divide 1.1+ million by the number of days since the war began... and see how many would have to have died every single day, week, month and year ...for that number to be true. (Hint: Nearly 1,000/day killed in the war... with 95% of them escaping the eye of the Bush hating media... I don't think so)
Somehow this counter based on actual historical data missed his attention however... even if we believe the left's fake number... there have been nearly 6x that number of abortions in America over the same time period.

The Daily Kos Oklahoma- Doc Hoc's influence and hatred spilled over and got the Kos solidly into 3rd place... but is not likely to make a run at Okie Funk... more of a teammate used as a blocker.

Sooner Thought came up with a poll of his own which showed that of the 17 votes at his site, 47% (8) of them believe the BBC over Fox News...shocking! Aside from that, the message at Sooner Thought is a repetitive one...votebidenvotebidenvotebidenvote... and he asks such deep questions as whether one should help others by meeting them half way...or do nothing?
It looks like Sooner Thought has voted for himself 3 times... so at least he's got that going for him.

Kittenstomper 10,000 Fists PhotoTune etc. are too lame to even mount a challenge unless they get together and come up with a whopper.

VOTE NOW, contest ends December 1st.
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Blogger Red S Tater said...

They are ripping me bigtime over at soonerthoughtalgorewon blog over my using their own tactics against Andrew Rice.

Also, isn't it cute when liberals try to preach to Christians about the Bible? It goes something like this...

hey dude, Jesus wore sandals so he was a liberal. You don't wear sandals so you are not following the teachings of Jesus...dude.

funny stuff... this poll has turned out to be a riot.

10:21 PM  

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